Meet Our Staff


Carol is CFO and staff Senior Accountant. She is well versed in many company structures and business operations.

Carol has run small one operation businesses to tier one suppliers of the automotive industry, handling millions of dollars, and many things in between. She has worked as a waitress, a factory worker, a scheduler, and an office nobody.

Carol is a degreed Accountant from Detroit College of Business & Law now known as Davenport University.

Carol is a notary for Macomb County


Carol is registered as a Pro Advisor with QuickBooks and is certified as a Tax Professional from the American Institute of Tax Studies.

Carol currently sits on the Board and is Treasurer of the Romeo DDA (Downtown Development Authority) and the Romeo MRP Association (Romeo Downtown Merchants Restaurants and Professionals).

As treasurer of these nonprofit organizations, Carol prepares the appropriate documentation for board approval and reports the status of all cash accounts. She also handles other non-profit groups.

Carol usually handles most new client interviews, business structuring, compliance, and reviews. Carol also prepares all the business, estate, trust and non-profit tax returns and compliance filings. Carol is normally the face away from the office. She is the one who conducts all off-site obligations for Romeo Accountants Inc.

Carol received the 2008 Leadership Award from the Romeo Washington Chamber of Commerce for her instrumental part in the chairing and organizing the Romeo Harvest Day on the first Saturday of October each year. Romeo Harvest Day is Romeo’s only “give back to the community” event, which involves many non-profit groups and clubs, along with retail and service businesses.

In 2013, Carol received the "Business Person of the Year" award from the Romeo Washington Chamber of Commerce.



Donna Bailey is our Small Business, Payroll and Tax Specialist.

Donna does tax preparation for individuals, including rentals and self employed business owners. Donna also teaches clients Quickbooks for proper record keeping.

Donna handles all of the payroll compliance forms for our clients

Donna handles all Workman’s Compensation & Union Audits.

Donna received her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Davenport University with Honors.

Donna is a Notary for Macomb County.

Donna also handles data input for checking and credit cards for our customers that require that service.



Jo Ann is our receptionist extraordinaire.

Jo Ann answers the phone, books appointments and organizes our office.



The final member of our Team is Smokey. He is a 10 year old Grey Tomcat that lives at our office. Smokey is our greeter.

Most people say he is more dog then cat. He comes running from where ever he is currently sleeping to checkout who is coming in the front door.

Usually, clients look for Smokey before they ask for us.

There have been many studies about animals in the work environment. We think they are quite right. Animals do seem to calm people down during a stressful time. We see it all the time.